Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Plenty of Activity but not on my Blog

1. Have been through all the Derbyshire Wills (as a first cut) and are now assimilating the info into the trees and data bases
  • Started with Derby and been able to sort out at least one tree dating back to the 17th century. Should be on the web soon.
  • Arising from this I've had a lot of help from Joan W and Aaron S and sorted out the Needham's of Findern. Joan is from North America but she had the definitive parish records and pictures of gravestones from the graveyard in Findern. They will be shortly going on the website
 2. John S has been a great help in going through his records and providing/updating parish records. It's quite humbling what help people give you

3. I've started pulling together a local history project for primary schools based on the history of the school in the village I live (built in 1832) and census data for the village from 1851 to 1901. Children will be asked to fill in a census form themselves so that data now can be compared with that generated in 1851 and 1871 (by a local study group in the 1970's). They will also analyse the 1901 census

4. Family Tree Maker is now up and working so I can generate up to date trees and put them on the website

5. Spent 10 days watching the World Athletics. OK it's not genealogy but it was great seeing so many world class athletes including Blot and Mo.