Sunday, 4 November 2018

Rylands Library

Spent two half days last week at Rylands looking at the archives of Thomas Ashby Needham. The man is a marvel. I've taken several hundred photos of his work. I've concentrated on the summary pedigree files. I've already uncovered much new info on gravestones at longer and data on wills. The slog has started and wasn't helped by a trip to Twikkers to watch England squeeze past South Africa. The All Blacks next

Monday, 22 October 2018

Staffordshire Update and others

1. Staffordshire: After Uttoxeter, I've pulled the baptism, burial & marriage data for Alton, Rochester and Checkley. There is a noticeable lack of family continuity. The question is where do the parents come from and where do the children disappear to? Answers on a postcard please.

2. Dorothy Needham After correspondence with Patrica F. on Dorothy Needham b 1787 in Chesterfield she pointed out that a Queen Ann prayer book exists with information on the Needham family line starting with Elias Needham b 1707 in Chesterfield. I'm going to do an article on this book. Additionally I found articles on Dorothy's husband Thomas Macdonagh showing he was a wine  merchant who went bankrupt

3. Wilson family tree. Have started to pull the family tree for CW. Looks very interesting

4. Cliff family tree. Pulled info on JC's family. Her father was asked to forge the first ingot of stainless that Harry Brearley produced

5. Carlton memorial : finished looking at the history of those named on the Carlton war memorial

Should have kept the blog going as I've done a lot in the past few months

Friday, 14 September 2018

Staffordshire Needham's

1. Quanford: Have looked again at the Quarnford data and can link all the families to Hartington families except those of James & Mary. According to Sarah Wardles will she has brothers Robert & James  but I cannot find a family with James, Robert & Sarah Needham:

Known facts:
1. census info James was born about 1780 in Derbyshire, and Mary was born about 1782 Staffordshire. In 1841 & 1851 they are at Far Barn, Flash, Longnor Staffs
2. Most probable marriage is 17 Dec 1807 Hartington James Needham & Mary Bestwick
3. Children of James & Mary are: Joseph 1808, James 1813, Thomas 1815, Robert 1817 (died 1834) Dolly 1819, John 1824 all bpt Flash Quarnford Staffs
4. A will of Sarah Wardle (1850) who names her brothers James Needham and Robert Needham and also the children of her brother James - all the ones I have found plus a Sarah.
5. Robert is listed as unmarried, born in Hartington in the h/h of nephew James jnr in 1861

Have downloaded all the baptism data in UK between 1750 & 1790 for James, Robert & Sarah Needham & can find no family or common parent who has all three as children! Either the data is not on the internet or the will is wrong or a child was not baptised

2. Uttoxeter; Got all the BMD data and can link most of the families

Sunday, 9 September 2018


1. Started on the Uttoxeter Needham's
2. Put Thomas & Martha;s headstone at Alstonefield on website
3. on walk round Dovedale took photo of Hanson Grange & put on website

Thursday, 30 August 2018

Start Up

Forgot to start up the blog after holiday. Will now keep a daily blog going.

Just updated the Barlow tree and baptism and burial data on nons

Sunday, 14 January 2018

Medieval Records Update

The 13th to 15th century records have now been updated on nons. What a job. The 15th century list is so long I've had to split the page!
Additionally I've updated the early records page and expanded the Needham's of Hertfordshire page. There is a lot more to do in analysing these records. I've yet to look at the 16th century where I know there are a lot more records. One area of concern is that I've found hardly any references to Needham Grange!

Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Journal Derbyshire Archeological and Natural History Society

Been through the first 30 volumes and found a number of Needham's:

Who abode What Year When source vol page
Hen de Nedham Overhaddon witness to a will 1216 Henry III 1216-1272 JDANHS  Vol 15 32
Thom de Nedham Iret (on)Kirk Ireton Lay Subsidy 1328 1327/8 JDANHS vol 11 44
Robt de Nedham Iret (on)Kirk Ireton Lay Subsidy 1328 1327/8 JDANHS vol 11 44
Johes Nedham Iret (on)Kirk Ireton Lay Subsidy 1328 1327/8 JDANHS vol 11 44
Galf de Nedham Iret (on)Kirk Ireton Lay Subsidy 1328 1327/8 JDANHS vol 11 44
Brian Nedam Holmesfield payment of fines 1494 may 1494 JDANHS vol20 62
Brian Nedeham Holmesfield payment of fines 1498 nov 1498 JDANHS vol20 67
Brian Nedeham Holmesfield
1505 1505 JDANHS vol20 72
Brian Nedam Holmesfield payment of fines 1515 6 may6Henry VII JDANHS vol20 60
Henry nedeham Alvaston Grange Jointly owned Alvaston Grange wih William Sacheverell 1547 38 HenryVIII JDANHS vol 27 90
Roger Nedham Monyashe Alehouses in Derbyshire 1577 1577 JDANHS vol1 73
Humphrey Nedham Bradley Alehouses in Derbyshire 1577 1577 JDANHS vol1 77
Richard Needham, gen darley dale buried 1581 25 May 1581 JDANHS  vol 6
richard needhame hope muster spanish invasion 1585 1585 JDANHS  Vol 17 7
george needham hope muster spanish invasion 1587 1587 JDANHS  Vol 17 11
james needham bonsall muster spanish invasion 1587 1587 JDANHS  Vol 17 13
Alice Needham Monyash Find 2d for  breaking the assize as commoon brewers; Chapel en le Frith 1589 7 Oct 1589 JDANHS vol 29 3
francis needham, gent melbourn horse for Ireland 1599 1599 JDANHS  Vol 17 40
francis Needham Melbuke recusants highpeak 1601 16 May 1601 JDANHS vol 9 62
Alicia Nedham Wormhill recusants highpeak 1601 16 May 1601 JDANHS vol 9
George & Henry Needham cowley manor Sold Cowley Manor to Richard Senior of Bridgetown 1613 1613 JDANHS vol18 60
George Needham Marston iurfa Tutssurge advance to Charles 1 1627 1627 JDANHS vol21 75
Humfrey Needham Hartington advance to Charles 1 1627 1627 JDANHS vol21 79
Thomas Needham Bonsall freeholder 1633 1633 JDANHS  vol 6 59
francis needham esq
Indentures & Deeds: FN esq and others & Rowland Higgs blalcksmith 1657  2  Oct 8Jac 1 JDANHS vol 23 67
francis needham esq
Indentures & Deeds: FN esq and others & Anthony Hopkinson  & others  1657  2  Oct 8Jac 1 JDANHS vol 23 67
george needham Great Hucklow Easter roll in Hope parish (dues paid to church). Paid 10d 1658 1658 JDANHS vol 11 27
Max Needham Bolsover church warden assessment 1691 1690/1 JDANHS vol 9 62
Rob f rob Needam m Grace
birth 1695 19 Aug 1695 JDANHS vol 22 108
Grace Needham Dale Abbey death 1698 18 March 1698 JDANHS vol 22 110
? f Rob. Needam & mGrace
birth 1699 1699 JDANHS vol 22 111
Daniel Needham Bolsover curch warden 1701 1701 JDANHS vol 9 62
Child f Rob Needam
birth 1705 1705 JDANHS vol 22 113
Rich Needam sener
this life between Lady day & the first day of August 1706 1706 JDANHS vol 22 114
Will.Needham ashover buried cheetham 1722 1722 JDANHS vol 19
Ellis Needham Caastleton Diary Edward Bagshaw 1743 12 feb 1743 JDANHS vol1 84
E M Needham Belper Member JDANHS 1879 jan 1879 JDANHS vol 29 xv
Rev RR Needham St Martins rectory Worcester member of JDAfhS 1904 1904 JDANHS vol 27 xiii
lettice needham
married Richard wendesley f otwell needham of snitterton

JDANHS vol 27  21, 22