Friday, 14 September 2018

Staffordshire Needham's

1. Quanford: Have looked again at the Quarnford data and can link all the families to Hartington families except those of James & Mary. According to Sarah Wardles will she has brothers Robert & James  but I cannot find a family with James, Robert & Sarah Needham:

Known facts:
1. census info James was born about 1780 in Derbyshire, and Mary was born about 1782 Staffordshire. In 1841 & 1851 they are at Far Barn, Flash, Longnor Staffs
2. Most probable marriage is 17 Dec 1807 Hartington James Needham & Mary Bestwick
3. Children of James & Mary are: Joseph 1808, James 1813, Thomas 1815, Robert 1817 (died 1834) Dolly 1819, John 1824 all bpt Flash Quarnford Staffs
4. A will of Sarah Wardle (1850) who names her brothers James Needham and Robert Needham and also the children of her brother James - all the ones I have found plus a Sarah.
5. Robert is listed as unmarried, born in Hartington in the h/h of nephew James jnr in 1861

Have downloaded all the baptism data in UK between 1750 & 1790 for James, Robert & Sarah Needham & can find no family or common parent who has all three as children! Either the data is not on the internet or the will is wrong or a child was not baptised

2. Uttoxeter; Got all the BMD data and can link most of the families

Sunday, 9 September 2018


1. Started on the Uttoxeter Needham's
2. Put Thomas & Martha;s headstone at Alstonefield on website
3. on walk round Dovedale took photo of Hanson Grange & put on website