Thursday, 27 April 2017

Site Glitches

1. A number of site glitches have been identified and resolved. It helps that I've got Dreamweaver working correctly
2. About 50% through transcribing all the wills for Derbyshire at Litchfield between 1538 and 1857. Got over 50 to do!

Sunday, 23 April 2017

Monyash/Chelmorton Tree

1. Added Ann Needham (1799-1855) f Samuel m Ann to Chelmorton  tree but cannot change on nons because cannot sync the tree with Ancestry yet
2. Cleaned the Derbyshire summary - burials - alphabetic order as a space at the beginning of the christian name distorted the sort

Saturday, 22 April 2017


1. Ann Brocklehurst ne Needham (1799-1855). Messgae from JF in Feb;
I don’t know if you accept individuals who never showed up on parish register baptisms.  My 3X grandmother was Ann Needham, born Monyash 1799/1800.  She was the youngest child of Samuel Needham and his wife Ann.  Mother Ann is buried at Monyash May 6 1801, so maybe they never got around to baptising baby Ann. All Ann’s older siblings were baptised at Monyash and are on your site: William 1787, Elizabeth 1789, Sarah 1792, Thomas 1794, Martha 1796 and Betty 1798. Young Ann marries Matthew Brocklehurst of Sheldon 21 May 1818 at Bakewell where her father’s name is given as Samuel Needham a farmer of Monyash. The 1851 census (as Ann Brocklehurst, age 52) and her death certificate 25 June 1855 age 56, give us a small window for her birth date. When her father Samuel Needham dies 15 September 1847 at Monyash, the informant on the death certificate is Ann Brocklehurst in attendance Monyash.

This look rather compelling but the lack of a baptism record worries me. there is a  census record in 1851 of Ann and Matthew Brocklehurst which implies that Ann was b 1799 at Sheldon. There is reference to information on Ancestry to Ann Needham 1799-1855 on Sheldon Church Memorial. The source (AJ) has not made the information public so I've written asking them if they will provide info:

I hope you don't mind me contacting you but I'm undertaking a One Name Study on Needham's and struggling with Ann Needham b ~1799 d 1855 age 56 from Monyash in Derbyshire. A number of people have suggested that Ann's parents were Thomas Needham and Ann Glossop but a direct descendant of Ann's has identified that Ann's parents were Samuel and Ann Needham; the problem is they haven't found a baptism record.
What everyone is clear of is that Ann was born in 1799 married a Matthew Brocklehurst in 1818 at Sheldon and had children. She died in 1855
On Ancestry there is a reference to Ann Needham (1799 - 1855) and Sheldon Church Monument with you as the source and I was wondering if you could provide me with any information about the Ann that you are referring to in the hope it may throw some light onto the issue I have.
Thanks in anticipation of any help you can provide

Dreamweaver Site

At last I've managed to get the site properly set up in Dreamweaver. I'm a real web designer now. A red letter day!!

Friday, 21 April 2017

Baptism & burial Pages

1. Baptism & Burial Pages; have now been somewhat cleaned so all the links should now be OK. Errors were found in some header descriptions
2. Buxton burial page: The wrong page had been used ie that for  Taddingtion. This has now been corrected

Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Problem or Three

Problem 1:  Looking through a couple of pages on nons I found that on  all the BBM pages the link back to the records page takes you to the news page. As I don't/can't use template function I'm having to manually go through nearly 200 pages and change the link; it's very time consuming

Problem2: In trying to get the template function working somehow I deleted all the  site pages on my PC. Fortunately I'd just backed up my PC, so after a major panic I managed to restore everything. But durin the process I found that two folders wouldn't restore because of a permissions issue. More panic. After a couple of hours it was all back to normal.

Problem 3: The links that ensure my aol mail account is sent the mail from nons isn't working; looks like it was after I went for 2D authentication. I thus haven't responded quickly to enquires. Solution put my aol mail as the contact mail address.

Thursday, 13 April 2017

The Hayters & Warsop

1. Hayters: had a comment on my tree that I'd got the birth and death of Ernest William Hayter. My reply to PH:
I hope you don't mind me writing to you about the comment you left on my family tree. I must apologise for the error and thank you for pointing it out. I've no doubt I've made lots of errors but people rarely write and correct them.

In my defence I obtained the date of death from 'Find a Grave Index':Ernest William Hayter, Birth Date: 1911, Death Date: 22 Jun 2003, Cemetery: St Mary Churchyard, Burial or Cremation Place: Portchester, Fareham Borough, Hampshire, England. Is the rest of the information correct?

The birth date came from the Civil Registration death Index: Ernest William Hayter, Birth Date 12 Sep 1911, Date of Registration Jun 2005, Age at Death 93, Registration district Andover, Inferred County Hampshire, Register Number 38A, District and Subdistrict 490/1, Entry Number 76. The date of death is correct but the birth date is wrong.

To make matters worse the Civil Registration Birth Index is also wrong. The entry reads: Name Ernest William Hayter, Mother's Maiden Name Saunders
Registration Year 1911, Registration Quarter Oct-Nov-Dec, Registration district, Inferred County Hampshire, Volume 2b, Page 1033
If you look at the page there is no entry for such a person. So it would appear that unless there is more than your father with the name Ernest William Hayter there are a catalogue of errors; two in the Civil Registration Index!

Could I ask if you have found any other errors ? And is this the family that the lawnmower manufacturer Hatyers is named after?

Thanks again for pointing out the error

Reply from PH:
Hello N, I make hundreds of mistakes. EWH was born on the 12/09/1912. He died when he was 93 in Andover hospital. He was cremated and his ashes were interred with his parents Fanny Saunders and Alfred Ernest Hayter in the graveyard at Portchester Castle. I haven't found any other errors. I am not absolutely sure that the Hayter lawnmower people are ours , they probably are but the Hayter's had numerous children so,it is hard to know, my Hayter line started out by making carts and wheelbarrows, they used to have an exhibit in the museum in Fareham, then they sold bicycles and after that cars. Kind Regards. PH

2. Warsop: Now rationalised all the BBM data available for Warsop pre 1837. Will be on line over the weekend. Need a couple more sessions in the archives as I've only completed to 1637

Sunday, 9 April 2017

Correspondence & Warsop

1. Wife of Ellis Needham b 1803;
Mail to SM
Hope you don't mind me contacting you but I'm having trouble tracking down the identity of the wife of Ellis Needham b 1803 in Oldham parents John & Sarah Needham.
I should expalin that I'm a Needham and have taken on the task of compiling a One Name Study on Needham's, the outcome of which is summarised in a website I've built which is free to access: Currently I'm looking at the Needham's of Oldham.
To date I've found that Ellis (or Elias) has at least 8 children to a wife variously called Matty, Martha and Mary. Of course there could be three different wives/families but I doubt this. You have the wife as Martha Taylor in your tree, born in Liverpool with f Richard m Mary. I have a problem with this as all the census info says that Martha was born in Oldham. I was wondering what evidence you have that Martha Taylor was the wife of Ellis, as I can't find a marriage for them.
I can find a marriage for an Ellis Needham to a Mary Wallwork in 1826 in Middleton. Ellis is described as a wood turner (an unusual occupation but one that coincides with census & baptism info). Middleton is an adjacent parish to Oldham and Mary/Matty/Martha are sometimes swapped around. I believe this is more likely to be Ellis's wife.
I'd welcome your view

Reply from SM:
I'm not really sure where I got the name. I know I didn't make it up but found it somewhere, however, I will have to look into where. I will let you know. I looked at your website. Very impressive. My grandmother's grandmother was Ann Needham who married John Winterbottom. I have been concentrating on the Winterbottoms in Oldham but they all seen to have the same first names making it very difficult. My grandmother was born and raised in Oldham and I wish I had discussed my English relatives with her before she passed away. I am assuming you are in England. I am in the United States.
I will let you know what I find out about Martha Taylor. I have a Winterbottom cousin in Oldham I keep in contact and maybe he will be able to shed some light on this.
Take care and keep searching

Update on children of Ellis Needham b 1803

Mail to SM 14th Apr 2017:
 I've done some more work on Ellis and his family and believe your tree is not quite correct. I don't usually point out such issues but I think you might like to know as it adds a little more to your knowledge about Ann Winterbottom ne Needham.
As you know Ellis had a number of children including Ann and  brothers Aaron, John, Joseph and James. Your tree does not show John but he was bap in 1831 f Elias m Matty in Oldham. Around 1860 he married Hannah who had a daughter Mary Alice and they emmigrated to New Jersey where John worked as a bobbin turner like Ellis his father. He died in 1900 and in his will he mentions his wife Hannah his step daughter Mary Alice Cambell ne Needham and his sisters Ann Winterbottom wife of John and Sarah Mellor wife of John both of whom live in Oldham. So another arm of your family emmigrated to America.
If you think it's worth investigating I can make you a guest to the tree I'm working on which has the detail in or you can provide me with your email address and I'll send you the info I have.

2 Warsop: transcribed records recorded at Worksop library. They agree with the DFHS tree. Will summarise tomorrow

Friday, 7 April 2017

Oldham BBM updated

At last managed a task completed as I've updated the BBM data for Oldham. I reckon I've another 50hrs of slog to get it how I want the records looking. Finding it difficult to let go. Worksop & Warsop here we come.

Wednesday, 5 April 2017


1. At last I've managed to llink a Needham alive in the 20th century with  somebody who was bonn in the middle of  the 18th century. How you might ask. Well I reversed my normal  pracice and stated with the first needham listed  in a summary of Needham's in the 1911 census. It was a James Needham b 1848. I would have put the tree work on nons but the new Family Tree Maker   software isn't yet available to do this and Ancestry have turned the synchronisation link off . Not much use. One leaving it late to finalise software and the other turning their software off
2.   Started updating the oldham BBM data on nons                                                        

Sunday, 2 April 2017

Oldham annd Great Longstone

1. Oldham: I'm getting bogged down with Oldham. There are to many John's and Jame's all with similar baptism dates so it's become too difficult to sort out who which baptism, marriage and death are linked. I've started a second tree but quickly become stuck. Will  have to take a break from it and regroup. I'll put what I've done onto nons and hope someone can help. The only things I've not yet tackled are wills and newspapers. So I'll not give up yet, just take a rest!

2. Great Longstone; Out in Derbyshire  walking on Friday we stopped at the church in the village - the church and grounds are lovely and well kept. Previously Pete and I had had a look round the church yard but found nothing. As we went into the church grounds Jon and Pete said we know why we're here. No I protested we'd looked previously and found nothing. Let's look at that tomb said Jon. Yes it was the grave of Robert Needham and his family from Rowdale. I remember Pete had looked in this part of the graveyard last time and must have missed it. How he'd done that I'm not sure. As a bonus the church had the graveyard inscriptions in the DARG book. I'll update the trees and nons.