Friday, 23 December 2016

Read a very interesting paper on modelling surname populations. Gary Anstey had found that only 15% of males with the surname Anstey alive in 1600 had ancestral lines through to the present because of early death, not being married and chance. No wonder so many of my line peter out. I've looked at the parish records between 1600 and 1630 on Ancestry and found the distribution of Needham's to be quite wide. The Needham's appear in 19 counties with the most populated area being London. I was quite surprised by this as although London was the most populated city by 2 orders of magnitude I hadn't realised how many Needham's lived there. I'll have to  rethink my work plan
Area No.
London 112
Derby 81
Lincs 62
Herts 39
Notts 34
Leics 23
Cheshire 14
Staffs 11
Shrop 10
Kent 10
Lancs 5
Northamp 5
Yorks 4
Bedford 3
Warwicks 3
Bucks 3
Oxford 2
Norfolk 2
Rutland 1
Total 424


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