Sunday, 2 July 2017

Progress? Lots of it.

A lot has happened in the last few days;
1. I've converted my DNA data into the ISOGG halpgroup and entered it into GEDMatch. There are 2000 plus matches but they are all weak ie 3/5 cousins. I've contacted a couple without much luck
2. Converted my tree into something much simpler form so that I can send out with letter on DNA matches
3. Lots of correspondence  that I've answered. Will summarise tomorrow
4. Continued integrating Derby will info into trees. A long job.
5. Taken out Norton 4 tree from website as it is in error. There is a big question mark over a baptism of Joseph Needham 22 Mar 1846 f Joseph m Mary at Norton that is in SI website but nowhere else. There is a bap of a Joseph same day same place f Henry m Mary. Looks as if it may be a transcription error. Need to check PR's

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