Friday, 27 October 2017

Shropshire Needham's, High Needham & Early Needham's

1. Visited High Needham on foot today via Hurdlow and Crowdecote. Missed out Cronkston Grange
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It was a beautiful day and the views of the surrounding countryside were magnificent. But these days are painfully few as you can see by the amount of moss on the walls in front of Needham Grange
 Needham Grange

High Needham Farm

2. Early Needham's 1274-1275
I was always led to believe that in the Hundred Rolls ( Rotuli Hundredorum Vol l &2)  there were mentions of two Needham's Johes de Nedh'm & Robert de Nedham  both living in Derbyshire. Francis Needham (1) refers only to the Needham family and quotes Tilley while Rainey refers to both Johes and Robert and gives two references (2).However, a closer examintion reveals that in the Hundred Rolls there five/six Needham's: Both Johes in the High Peak in Derbyshire and Adam de Nedh'm in Hertfordshire appear in Volume 1. However, in Volume 2 there is reference to four (three if you think Johe is a duplicate) more Nedham's. Three were in Canterbury, Kent viz Albrico de Nedham, Eustace de Nedh'm, Hug' de Nedh'm and Johe de Nedh'm was living in Derbyshire.Johes and Johe are probably the same person. BUT to date I haven't found a Robert linked to Derbyshire.

To be fair to Rainey he gives two  references for Johes & Robert. The first is the Hundred Rolls whilst the second  is  dated July 1305 from the 'Calendar of Early Mayor's Court Rolls' and refers to a Robert de Nedham who is either living in Herfordshire or more likely London

Shortly after the Hundred Rolls were completed Elias de Nedham is a witness on a land transaction at Hudlow and Earl Sterndale in the late 13th century, ( both Hurdlow and Earl Sterndale are close to High Needham), and Henry de Nedham is a witness to a similar transaction in Flagge (similarly Flagge is close to High Needham) in 1284 (3).

So it looks as if in the periods 1275-1300 we have a Johes, Elias & Henry de Nedham, living at or close to High Needham.  An Albrico, Henry & Hugh living in Kent and Adam living in Herfordshire. I'm getting the Hundred Rolls translated as they are in Latin so we shall see what that turns up.

1. History of Needam Grange: Francis Needham
2. Dictionary of British Surnames: P.H. Reaney
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3. Shropshire Needham's
I've got BBM data which should be on nons tomorrow

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