Sunday, 19 March 2017

Oldham Parish Data on line

18/19 Mar.
1. Oldham; Have now loaded the baptism, burial and marriage info that I've found pre 1837. The files are large. Work continues on the trees and family links. Have managed to link a baptism to a burial and marriage (BBM) for most records - I think. It's opened my eyes about the need for rigour

2. Tom's Wedding. Son 2 got married to no progress this weekend - except I didn't sleep Saturday evening so I rationalised the Lincolnshire BBM data I've found. Should be on line this week

3. Met a person with Everest as a surname and thinking of the Indian Surveyor general after whom Everest is named I've built an Everest tree. They originate in Kent

4. Will summarise the Warsop/Worksop findings and add pictures to trees

5. Need to folloow up on BK data

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