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And Still more Needham's in Oldham

1. Well the plot thickens. I've found more Baptisms, burials and marriages. I'm currently on 1020 baptisms between 1680 and 1915, 331 marriages and 598 burials. Currently I'm putting the details into the bbm records and building tree. The trees can be found on Ancestry under Needham Oldham family tree
2.correspondence with BK
BK asks:
Subject:Marriage of William Fox and Elizabeth Needham

OK, I found this marriage on Find My Past, probably it is at Lincs too.

But what do you think? Could this be Elizabeth Needham of the family I am looking at?

Is there any way of finding out more about this William Fox?

 Reply to BK:
I believe I've tracked Elizabeth and William down

I too had found the marriage you've detailed both on Ancestry and FMP. The question is have we got the correct Elizabeth Needham?

1. I've looked for the marriage of Elizabeth Needhams between 1823 (1805+18) and 1835 (1805+30) in Lincolnshire. The list is in the attached spreadssheet under 'EW marriage'. There are 8 marriages including one to William Fox
2. If this is the marriage then William Fox would be expected to be born between 1792 - 1811. I've looked at Lincolnshire baptisms for William Fox and burials (this eliminates a number of those baptised ). But it leaves 17 William Fox's

3. Then I looked at the census and to date have found 2 entries for a WIlliam and Elizabeth Fox in 1851 and 1871 in Lincolnshire; a summary is given on the ' EN marriage' worksheet. I've attached a copy of the census  returns.    The family live in Lincoln in the same house in both census returns. Elizabeth's place of birth is given as Sturton on Stok in 1871 and Merton in 1851. There are no such places in Lincolnshire but there is a Sturton by Stow and a Marton which are village next to Stow. See map.

4. William was baptised in Thorpe on the Hill with parents John & Mary Fox - see William Fox worksheet. In the census he is described as a master joiner

William Fox 19 Jan 1806 1806 Thorpe On The Hill,Lincoln,England f John, m Mary

I trust this is of help. Next thing I'll look for is the deaths of Elizabeth and William

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