Monday, 13 November 2017

Adam de Needham

In the Hundred Rolls of 1275 there is reference to Adam de Nedham of St Albans, when a bailiff took money from him during interrogation(1) One wonders why and for what reason was he been interrogated. It also raises the question of where Adam came from, what roll he has and what happens to his family line?

Well we have some answers. In 1259 an Adam de Nedham is appointed a burger of St Albans (2). Further in the Calendar of Close calls beween 1288 and 1302 an Adam de Needham is acknowledge to be owed considerable monies froma range to people from knights to land owners whose lands stretched from Westmoreland to Northampton, Essex and Suffolk/Norfolk. The 1302 entry includes his  son Luke. While in 1318 a John de Needham brother of Luke is mentioned. Thus it would appear that Adam dies after 1302 and has two sons John and Luke
An Adam de Nedham is also mentioned in Feet of Fines. In 1292 Adam de Nedham has a wife Emma mentioned in a Plea of Covenant
However, there are three further entries in the Feet of Fines records for Adam de Needham dated 1311, 1318 & 1333. in the two earlier records Adam is described as a clerk. Because of this and the dates I believe this is a second Adam probably the son of the first Adam de Needham. Time will tell
1. Rotuli Hundredorum vol 2 p192
2. Monachi Sancci Albani, Chronica Majora, Matthew Paris, Ed H R Luard Vol 6, p 422 & 432

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