Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Calendar of Close Rolls

Close Rolls. As part of a review of medieval records the Hundred Rolls, the Feudal Aids, Book of Fees and Close rolls have been re-looked at; new entries have been found. Because of this The Close Rolls have now been given a new page on nons. These rolls run from 1199 to 1468.

The Close rolls are a series of administrative records created in medieval times by the Chancery, consisting of 'letters close' (sealed by application of the Great Seal, so only the recipient could read their contents). The first Close Roll was started in 1204 in the reign of King John and although the contents of these rolls were of a personal nature, they could deal with matters of great importancee. The rolls are available on line with earlier rolls being in Latin. Thanks to my cousin and Google translate I can read them

The Hundred Rolls found Adam de Nedham in St Albans. The Close rolls show he took a number of people to court because they owed him money; his last entry is 1302. He appears to be quite an important person being a Berger of St Albans. He died in the first decade of the 14th century with his son Luke as his heir. It would appear that he had a second son John who had to be looked after by the State. Further, records in the Feet of Fines shows Adam had a wife Emma in 1292 Where was Adam born and what happened to his descendants is the question?

The Close rolls also identify a Richard Nedham a citizen and mercer from London. At some stage he was also a Sheriff of London (1460). He first appears in 1445 and is still going in 1465

The third Needham in the Close Rolls is John Nedham who was a judge (1452-1460)

In addition there was a Thomas Nedham from Derbyshire, a Richard Nedeham from Kent, John Nedam from Shenton and Richard Nedham from Staffordshire

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