Sunday, 2 April 2017

Oldham annd Great Longstone

1. Oldham: I'm getting bogged down with Oldham. There are to many John's and Jame's all with similar baptism dates so it's become too difficult to sort out who which baptism, marriage and death are linked. I've started a second tree but quickly become stuck. Will  have to take a break from it and regroup. I'll put what I've done onto nons and hope someone can help. The only things I've not yet tackled are wills and newspapers. So I'll not give up yet, just take a rest!

2. Great Longstone; Out in Derbyshire  walking on Friday we stopped at the church in the village - the church and grounds are lovely and well kept. Previously Pete and I had had a look round the church yard but found nothing. As we went into the church grounds Jon and Pete said we know why we're here. No I protested we'd looked previously and found nothing. Let's look at that tomb said Jon. Yes it was the grave of Robert Needham and his family from Rowdale. I remember Pete had looked in this part of the graveyard last time and must have missed it. How he'd done that I'm not sure. As a bonus the church had the graveyard inscriptions in the DARG book. I'll update the trees and nons.

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