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Update Notts BBM & Parish Timeliine

1. Nottingham BBM:
The Baptism, Burial and Marriage data for Nottingham plus the data on origins has been put on nons.

2. Replied to CO re Robert Nedham of Worksop b 1649
Attached is a spreadsheet with copies of data from Worksop, Castleton & Hope parish records (Robert Nedham notes). The facts:

1. A Robert Nedham was baptised in Worksop, Nottinghamshiire in 1649 f Thomas m Anne. He had 6 siblings born between 1642 and 1657. He was the eldest boy so would inherit when his father died. I have not found a will yet for Thomas the father; but I haven't tried hard to find one
2. I cannot find a death or marriage for Robert in Worksop so I'm fairly certain he left the area
3. In Castleton, Derbyshire  there is a family with a father Robert and mother Jane. They have three children two of whom we have baptism records for ( Dorothy & Elizabeth ) and two a burial record ( Elizabeth &
Benjamin).. All are registered in  Castleton
4. I cannot find a baptism record or marriage record for Robert in Castleton or Hope which are adjacent parishes in Derbyshire
5. In Hope there is a family f Robert w Jane who have 6 children baptised between 1678 & 1691. All  the children were baptised in Hope and the family lived in Pindale which is just outside the village. I think it is reasonable to assume that Robert and Jane from Castleton and Hope are the same people and moved from Castleton to Hope which are villages 2/3 miles apart. The question is where do they come from and where do they die?
6. We know a Robert Needham was baptised in Worksop and moved out of the district. Around this time Worksop had a  relatively high population of Needham's (see attached). We know a Robert married a Jane and moved into Castleton and started a family there. Castleton is around 30 miles from Worksop and Needham's had been living there for centuries (see attached). We believe Robert and Jane moved to Hope and the family grew in size. We don't know where Robert and Jane were buried

The movement of  Robert and Jane is speculation unless we can find  a reason and/or evidence.. I've found none to date and others who say the family moved have provided none; this is why I wrote to you to try and find evidence, So I'm afraid my comments are negative but if you believe Robert moved from Worksop attached is baptism, burial and marriage for his ancestors (from Worksop) and descendants (from Derbyshire).

 Started drawing a timeline for the Needham's:

From Parish Registers first Baptism recorded in Derbyshire parishes

Surname Forename Date When Where Relatives Parish
Needham Dorothy 15 Aug 1561 1561 Staveley
Needam Phildelphia 30/07/1572 1572 Youlgreave Bryan Youlgreave
Needam Edwardus  21 Jan 1580 1580  Chesterfield, Derbyshire Petri chest
Needham George 09/07/1588 1588 Darley George Darl
Needam Johes  22 Aug 1589 1589 North Wingfield, Derbyshire Johis Nort Winfield
Needeham Margareta[1] 24 Jan 1590 1590 Baslow, Derbyshire Georgii Baslow
Needham Arthur 18 Jul 1596 1596 Chel morton

Surname Forename Date When Where Relatives Parish
Needham Alse 10/02/1604 1604 Hope William Hope
Needham William 8 Sept 1610 1610 Burbatch Thomas & Alicia Hart
Needham Anne  29 Dec 1611 1611 All Saints Church, Derby Thomas Derby
Meedham Janne  1 August 1619 1619 Eckington, Derbyshire John Meedham eck
Needham William  14/11/1619 1619 Bakewell Egidy Needham Bake
Needham Margaretta  09 Feb 1639 1639 Great Longstone, Derbyshire Robti Great Longston
Needham Hugo 05/07/1640 1640 Tideswell William Tideswell
Needham son 21/05/1643 1643 of Sheldon Abraham Tadd
Needham James 14/10/1651 1651 Bonsall John Bonsall
Needham son 18/11/1661 1661 Taddington George Tadd
Needham Abraham  20 Oct 1662 1662 Ashover William & Anne Ash
Needham John 8 Nov 1662 1662 Castleton, Derbyshire  son of Thomas & Ann Cast
Needham Samuel  8 April 1671 1671 Duffield, Derbyshire James Needham Duffield
Needham John 27/12/1680 1680 Old Brampton John Old Brampton
Needham Elizabeth  03 Mar 1689 1689  Repton, Derbyshire Francis Repton
Needham Mary  15 Feb 1691 1691 Hathersage, Derbyshire Daniell Hathersage
14 Jun 1693 1693  Findern, Derbyshire

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