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Castleton Timeline

Name Born Die Mar Wife Where Notes

Thomas de Nedeham 1329 1363 1354 Maud Mellor Thrornsett 1339 witness land dealings  new Mills, Hayfield, Castleton


Robert de Nedham bef 1341 aft1381 w Jn Barth Castleton/Thrornsett 1362 Purchased land in New Mills, Hayfield & Castleton
John 1369 Robert living in  Castleton Joan Barth
Thomas 1381 Poll Tax Robertus de Needeham 'cult' a farmer taxed at 40d in Castleton; son Robert paid 4d
d Cecily (spin)

Thomas Nedham bef 1385 bef 1414
Agnes Castleton 1405 land dealings Castleton

Christopher Nedham bef 1393 aft1462 Isobell Jodrell Castleton 1427/1462 Land Dealings in Castleton
Otwell 1471 member Court rolls Castleton
Christopher 1478 owned burgages in Castleton
Otwell Nedham
aft 1506

William Nedham Castleton 1536/1547 Land  dealings Castleton
1567 William was a yeoman and foresters of fee - Castleton a history
Nicholas Nedham
abt 1546


Robert Needham 1510 aft 1547 Castleton Born in Castleton
Richard Needham 1545 1618
Dorothy Castleton 1691 Sheriffs return - Richard Needham - 4 acres


John Needham bef 1593 aft 1628 Mary Castleton 1614 Rowland Hall yeoman sold land to John Needham yeoman for £4434 6s 8d. 1614 He was  building a house with 3 bays & known as 'slippery stones'
1615 John Needham had one spinning wheel - (believe his is in his probate return)
1628 John Needham sold  house with 3 bays at  'slippery stones' -  possible Castleton Hall in Market Square                                                                                                                                                                                        

James Needham
1685 1635 Katherina Lane Castleton 1670 Paid Hearth Tax
Ellis bef 1661

Dorothie 1649

1644 Thomas Needham - concerning compensation for a cow used by the Commonwealth
Ellis Needham 1661 1722 1682 Mary Hulme Castleton
James Needham 1688 1751 1695 Catherine Lane Castleton Needham, James, -, 1731, merchant; Lived in Droghedra, Ireland

1778 John Needham Lead Miner

Ellis Needham 1732 1798 1753 Martha Marshall Castleton born in Droghedra; died Blackley Lancs.
Catherine 1754 1788
Ellis 1758 1829 Margaret Howard
Hannah 1762 1794

Robert Needham

Castleton 1817 Robert Needham bought  seats in gallery of church
William & Jasper Needham Castleton 1790 Needham Cotton Mill operational at Spittle Bridge
1818 W& J ( William & Jasper) Needham at Rushop put the Castleton Cotton Mill up for sale. They run the mill in a field owned by  their Uncle Samuel - Mackenzie

Septimus Needham Castleton 1835 to 1851 Septimus Needham ran a school in a barn at the top of Goosehill - 35 boy pupils paid fees

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