Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Time lines, Maps, Nottingham Trees etc

1.Time lines for Derbyshire Needhams, Kilmorey N's, Castleton N's & complete Needhams on line. Ssorry about the early blogs showing timelines excel doesn't copy & paste at all well

2. Downloaded all N's baptised in Nottinhamshire

3. Written to IJ & KK about the parents of Samuel Needham b1769 in Nottingham. I can find no record!

'I hope you don't mind me conacting you but I have a question about Samuel Needham in your family tree
I'm a Needham undertaking a One Name Study on the Needham family. You have Samuel Needham in your tree as the son of Hugh Oldfield Needham and his wife Ruth bap 24 Mar 1776. I can find a burial record for Samuel 08 01 1837 age 60 and a marriage to Rebecca Eden 12 02 1798 but I cannot find a baptism record or any evidence that his parents were Hugh & Ruth. I was wondering the source of your information for the bapism and parents of Samuel.'

4. Managed to map where the Needham's/Clapham's lived on a map of Sheffield. Next stop Derbyshir

5. Working on Nottingham trees. Interesting challenges. Lots of common christian names, occupations and wives names. They also moved around a lot and there are  lot moving into the city. There are 4 on Ancestry Nottingham, Nottingham 3, Nottingham 4 & Radford. Soon be on nons. But I think there are errors

6. Major breakthrough with James Needham from Sheffield. Found a will that shows he died at Todwick.

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