Thursday, 19 January 2017

Nottingham Trees

1. Nottingham Tree:There  are a number of issues with the Nottingham Tree
1.1.John & Mary have a son John bap 1690. There are two John's with associated families that could be related to john & Mary
  • John/ grace with son Joseph b  1722. Cannot find a marriage for John & Grace
  • John/Mary with children b 1713/1726. Todate have not found a marriage for John & Mary 
 It could be that the John's are the same person. If this is the case then mary wife of John  can't have died in1740. She must have died before 1722 and Rebecca must have been baptised some years after she was  born. John w Grace must have been born otside Nottingham

At Present I've called John s John & Mary bap 1690 as John of family John/Mary with children baap bteen 1713/1728

1.2.Hugh has a son Thomas bap 1763. There are two families where Thomas is the father that could be Hugh's son
    • Thomas/Mary children baptised between 1785/1805. I can't find a marriage of a Thomas & Mary in Notts or Derbyshire or on Ancestry & FS/IGI
    • Thomas/Amelia children baptised 1804/1817. Thomas & Amelia married in 1799. 
If the latter is the son of Hugh then Thomas would have been 36 when he married and 41 when the eldest child was born. The age issues have made me plump for Thomas the husband of Mary being Hugh's son. Others think it is Thomas w Amelia. Either way iit begs the question of where Thomas w Amelia was born. Is anyone out there that can help

2. Correspondence;

Written to  IJ re wife of George Needham b 1761

' In the above tree you have George's wife as Sarah Coates.. Could I ask your source for this fact as I haven't to date been able to find a marriage record for George'

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