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Correspondence & Warsop

1. Wife of Ellis Needham b 1803;
Mail to SM
Hope you don't mind me contacting you but I'm having trouble tracking down the identity of the wife of Ellis Needham b 1803 in Oldham parents John & Sarah Needham.
I should expalin that I'm a Needham and have taken on the task of compiling a One Name Study on Needham's, the outcome of which is summarised in a website I've built which is free to access: Currently I'm looking at the Needham's of Oldham.
To date I've found that Ellis (or Elias) has at least 8 children to a wife variously called Matty, Martha and Mary. Of course there could be three different wives/families but I doubt this. You have the wife as Martha Taylor in your tree, born in Liverpool with f Richard m Mary. I have a problem with this as all the census info says that Martha was born in Oldham. I was wondering what evidence you have that Martha Taylor was the wife of Ellis, as I can't find a marriage for them.
I can find a marriage for an Ellis Needham to a Mary Wallwork in 1826 in Middleton. Ellis is described as a wood turner (an unusual occupation but one that coincides with census & baptism info). Middleton is an adjacent parish to Oldham and Mary/Matty/Martha are sometimes swapped around. I believe this is more likely to be Ellis's wife.
I'd welcome your view

Reply from SM:
I'm not really sure where I got the name. I know I didn't make it up but found it somewhere, however, I will have to look into where. I will let you know. I looked at your website. Very impressive. My grandmother's grandmother was Ann Needham who married John Winterbottom. I have been concentrating on the Winterbottoms in Oldham but they all seen to have the same first names making it very difficult. My grandmother was born and raised in Oldham and I wish I had discussed my English relatives with her before she passed away. I am assuming you are in England. I am in the United States.
I will let you know what I find out about Martha Taylor. I have a Winterbottom cousin in Oldham I keep in contact and maybe he will be able to shed some light on this.
Take care and keep searching

Update on children of Ellis Needham b 1803

Mail to SM 14th Apr 2017:
 I've done some more work on Ellis and his family and believe your tree is not quite correct. I don't usually point out such issues but I think you might like to know as it adds a little more to your knowledge about Ann Winterbottom ne Needham.
As you know Ellis had a number of children including Ann and  brothers Aaron, John, Joseph and James. Your tree does not show John but he was bap in 1831 f Elias m Matty in Oldham. Around 1860 he married Hannah who had a daughter Mary Alice and they emmigrated to New Jersey where John worked as a bobbin turner like Ellis his father. He died in 1900 and in his will he mentions his wife Hannah his step daughter Mary Alice Cambell ne Needham and his sisters Ann Winterbottom wife of John and Sarah Mellor wife of John both of whom live in Oldham. So another arm of your family emmigrated to America.
If you think it's worth investigating I can make you a guest to the tree I'm working on which has the detail in or you can provide me with your email address and I'll send you the info I have.

2 Warsop: transcribed records recorded at Worksop library. They agree with the DFHS tree. Will summarise tomorrow

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