Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Problem or Three

Problem 1:  Looking through a couple of pages on nons I found that on  all the BBM pages the link back to the records page takes you to the news page. As I don't/can't use template function I'm having to manually go through nearly 200 pages and change the link; it's very time consuming

Problem2: In trying to get the template function working somehow I deleted all the  site pages on my PC. Fortunately I'd just backed up my PC, so after a major panic I managed to restore everything. But durin the process I found that two folders wouldn't restore because of a permissions issue. More panic. After a couple of hours it was all back to normal.

Problem 3: The links that ensure my aol mail account is sent the mail from nons isn't working; looks like it was after I went for 2D authentication. I thus haven't responded quickly to enquires. Solution put my aol mail as the contact mail address.

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