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1. Ann Brocklehurst ne Needham (1799-1855). Messgae from JF in Feb;
I don’t know if you accept individuals who never showed up on parish register baptisms.  My 3X grandmother was Ann Needham, born Monyash 1799/1800.  She was the youngest child of Samuel Needham and his wife Ann.  Mother Ann is buried at Monyash May 6 1801, so maybe they never got around to baptising baby Ann. All Ann’s older siblings were baptised at Monyash and are on your site: William 1787, Elizabeth 1789, Sarah 1792, Thomas 1794, Martha 1796 and Betty 1798. Young Ann marries Matthew Brocklehurst of Sheldon 21 May 1818 at Bakewell where her father’s name is given as Samuel Needham a farmer of Monyash. The 1851 census (as Ann Brocklehurst, age 52) and her death certificate 25 June 1855 age 56, give us a small window for her birth date. When her father Samuel Needham dies 15 September 1847 at Monyash, the informant on the death certificate is Ann Brocklehurst in attendance Monyash.

This look rather compelling but the lack of a baptism record worries me. there is a  census record in 1851 of Ann and Matthew Brocklehurst which implies that Ann was b 1799 at Sheldon. There is reference to information on Ancestry to Ann Needham 1799-1855 on Sheldon Church Memorial. The source (AJ) has not made the information public so I've written asking them if they will provide info:

I hope you don't mind me contacting you but I'm undertaking a One Name Study on Needham's and struggling with Ann Needham b ~1799 d 1855 age 56 from Monyash in Derbyshire. A number of people have suggested that Ann's parents were Thomas Needham and Ann Glossop but a direct descendant of Ann's has identified that Ann's parents were Samuel and Ann Needham; the problem is they haven't found a baptism record.
What everyone is clear of is that Ann was born in 1799 married a Matthew Brocklehurst in 1818 at Sheldon and had children. She died in 1855
On Ancestry there is a reference to Ann Needham (1799 - 1855) and Sheldon Church Monument with you as the source and I was wondering if you could provide me with any information about the Ann that you are referring to in the hope it may throw some light onto the issue I have.
Thanks in anticipation of any help you can provide

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